Acceptance Agent 
(CAA) in Singapore, London (U.K), Bangalore (India), Dubai (U.A.E)

Who are Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA)?

Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) are authorised agents approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to assist individuals who are residing outside of the United States and other foreign persons who are in process of obtaining the ITINs (Tax ID) from the IRS by validating the person’s foreign status and identity ( e.g. verification of the passport). By working with a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) will facilitate your entire ITIN process stress free with all documentation check and less chance of ITIN application rejections. Tax And Accounting Hub (aka ITINCAA.COM) team is one of the IRS approved CAA Service for many years dealing with complex ITIN cases. Our experienced team can certify and complete all the relevant paperwork to
authenticate the foreign identify documents for ITIN applicants, so you don’t need to send your original passports to the IRS or certify your documents from any other agency.


What is the role of the Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA)?

Please note we are not a notary service to just only to certify the passport (IRS no longer accepts notarized copies of documents since 2011) even if you have completed the Form W7. As CAA (IRS certified acceptance agent) in order to comply our roles as per our agreement with IRS and to ensure the passport certification as a valid process, the below-listed task is mandatory for the CAA:
1) FormW7 with our signature and CAA agent code details (at the bottom of Form W7).
2) On our company letterhead, we need to write a letter to the IRS.
3) Complete certificate of accuracy (COA) form on your behalf with our signatures.
4) Certified passport copy with our agent code seal.
5) Ensure all the supporting documents are correct.
6) In case of any issue with rejection, we have a special dedicated line to speak with IRS on the applicant’s behalf and have the issue sorted out for you.
If we miss any step as listed above (1 to 5) then the application will not be successful. So as an CAA our role is to ensure the whole ITIN application process is accurate and not just to verify the passport and certify the same.

Advantages of using our team services for your ITIN application:

As a IRS approved CAA with many years of experience we exactly know the required documentation process for all the category of ITIN application and we aim ensure 100% high success rate.

Our experienced ITIN IRS representative in 4 locations (London, Singapore, Dubai and Bangalore) offers you with flexibility with time and venue for the
passport/documents verification and face to face Identity check at venue suitable for you. We can arrange for meetings at airport terminals while you are on transit, hotel visit. Home visit, tube metro station, your office location venue etc.

We eliminate the risk of original documents loss or the ITIN process holding up your travel plans, by using our service do not need to submit ORIGINAL documents to the IRS. For your information, if you directly send documents to IRS (Normal documents holding period is 60 days).

We can provide in person interviews or skype call interviews (if original documents are send to one of office). We can assist international clients not based in London.

We can assist other US Attorneys, CPA, EA, Investment Brokerage firms, Banks to certify your clients passports certification with Form W7 completion

Trusted by Non-U.S. Citizens


ITINCAA (AKA TAXANDACCOUNTING HUB) aims to provide expert solutions to you ITIN, EIN, or US Personal tax-related matters considering the appropriate double taxation treaty rules and correct supporting documentation.

We are IRS Approved Certified Acceptance Agents [CAA] (United Kingdom Head Office), with our IRS representative based U.A.E, India, Singapore.

We also assist foreign nationals who require passport certification with Form W7/CAA Service completion in below listed countries;

Middle East I Saudi Arabia I Qatar I Oman I Turkey I Austria I Germany I Belgium I Croatia I Czech Republic I Denmark I Finland I France I Hungary I Italy I Luxembourg I Norway I Russia I Slovakia I Switzerland I Ukraine I Malaysia I Indonesia I Taiwan I Thailand I Hongkong I Japan I New Zealand I Pakistan I Bangladesh I Sri LankaI India I United Kingdom I Scotland I Ireland I Wales I Singapore I UAE and other global clients.

Please refer to contact us page for more details on the process.


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