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We provide US and UK personal tax services and Certified Acceptance Agents (CAA) in 4 countries helping people all over the world get their ITIN number(Form W7), EIN number, Form 8233, W-8BEN, W-BEN-E, 1040NR, 1040, SA100.
We understand from our clients query that there are significant confusion around the ITIN or EIN and US Tax filing requirements and tax reclaim process for excess taxes withheld. We have complied the FAQS based on our client query, we hope you find your answers and if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We aim to have your ITIN/EIN application process less stressful, faster by quick response to your emails, arrange for the meetings to certify the passports and complete all the relevant paperwork with flexibility with the time, meeting venue and to locations that suitable to both the representatives and our clients.
What Is a Social Security Number (SSN)?

An SSN is a Social Security Number. SSNs are nine digits (xxx-xx-xxxx) and belong to US citizens and authorized residents/U.S Green Card Holders.

Individuals who are employed and receive wages must have an SSN or apply for one. Every employer who sets up payroll and pays an individual wages must request the employee’s SSN and report the wages using that number [Except for foreign nationals who are domiciled in foreign country and are in USA for short visit as performers and who are eligible for treaty exemption claim under US/Foreign Country Treaty can apply for ITIN]. Parents must also obtain an SSN for any child that the parent(s) claim on an income tax return.

SSNs are issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA), and anyone who is eligible to have an SSN may apply for one by completing an application known as the Form SS-5. Any taxpayer with an SSN must use the SSN as an identifying number on their tax returns and not the ITIN details.

Processing time for SSN: varies from few weeks (if resident in USA) and up to 6 month for U.S Citizens applying via USA Embassy in foreign country.

Below link is link to apply for SSN.

What Is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)?

An ITIN is a tax processing number that is issued by the IRS for individuals who are not eligible for an SSN, such as a foreign national or non-resident alien, but are required to file certain federal tax/claim treaty exemption/Refund claim or information return

Like an SSN, an ITIN number is nine digits in the format xxx-xx-xxx. But the first digit will always be a 9, and the second section of the number will be in the range of 70-88 (e.g., 9xx-88-xxxx). 

To obtain an ITIN, an alien with foreign status should complete Form W7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. No one should have both an ITIN and an SSN. For example, if an SSN/ITIN application is pending, an ITIN will not be issued even if the individual completes and submits a Form W-7

How long does it take to receive an ITIN?

During peak processing times (between January and June), it should take up to 8 t0 10 weeks for an applicant to receive their ITIN.

Outside peak processing times (between July and Dec), it should take up to 6 to 8 weeks for an applicant to receive their ITIN.

Applicants who did not use the CAA (Certified Acceptance Agents Service) and if they sent original documents (i.e Passport/Marriage Certificate) submitted to IRS directly in support of an ITIN application will be returned within 60 days (estimated). People who do not receive their original and certified documents within 60 days (estimated) of mailing them to the IRS may call 1-800-908-9982 to check on their documents’ whereabouts.

Please note if you use the CAA (Certified Acceptance Agents Service) then applicants do not have to send your original passports to IRS. The CAA representative will certify copy of the documents and have complete documents checks and also call IRS on your behalf via special dedicated lines allocated to CAA.

What Is an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

An EIN is an Employer Identification Number. EINs are also nine digits, but formatted differently (xx-xxxxxxx).

Every business (i.e LLC, LLP, SCORP, C CORP) is required to file any business tax returns is required to obtain an EIN.

EINs can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service.

Processing time : For US Residents (with 5 days) and Foreign Nationals ( 5 weeks if via postal).

When do I need to complete these Forms?

Form W-7 – For ITIN Application Process

Form W8 BEN/Form W8 ECI – On receipt of ITIN number you need to complete this Form. Foreign ID number on W8BEN should be ITIN number with number starting with digit 9.

Form W9 – This form is to complete your SSN number if you are your US Citizen, Resident Alien with Valid SSN number.


ITINCAA (AKA TAXANDACCOUNTING HUB) aims to provide expert solutions to you ITIN, EIN, or US Personal tax-related matters considering the appropriate double taxation treaty rules and correct supporting documentation.

We are IRS Approved Certified Acceptance Agents [CAA] (United Kingdom Head Office), with our IRS representative based U.A.E, India, Singapore.

We also assist foreign nationals who require passport certification with Form W7/CAA Service completion in below listed countries;

Middle East I Saudi Arabia I Qatar I Oman I Turkey I Austria I Germany I Belgium I Croatia I Czech Republic I Denmark I Finland I France I Hungary I Italy I Luxembourg I Norway I Russia I Slovakia I Switzerland I Ukraine I Malaysia I Indonesia I Taiwan I Thailand I Hongkong I Japan I New Zealand I Pakistan I Bangladesh I Sri LankaI India I United Kingdom I Scotland I Ireland I Wales I Singapore I UAE and other global clients.

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