The simple answer is No, ITIN and SSN look similar consisting of 9 digits so do not be confused. These are differences between ITIN and SSN.

ITIN = Individual Tax Identification Number SSN= Social Security Number
ITIN number always starts with digit 9 for example – 971-XX-XXXXSSN number can start with any digits or number for example – 071-XX-XXXX
Only Foreign person non-US citizen, Nonresident Alien eligible to apply for ITINAll US Citizens, Resident Aliens with USA-based employers, Green card holders are eligible to apply.

What is ITIN used for?

For more details of ITIN and the purpose of ITIN click here.

Please be aware, You cannot use ITIN for the below-listed purposes:


  1. The ITIN cannot be used to claim the earned income tax credit under section 32 of the Internal Revenue Code, nor for non-tax purposes such as to obtain a U.S driver’s license.
  1. The possession of an ITIN does not change the applicant’s immigration status or entitle the applicant to legal employment in the United States.
  1. The ITIN does not take the place of SSN (Social Security Number) or qualify the applicant for Social Security Benefits in the U.S.
  1. The applicant who may be eligible (applicable to U.S resident/ U.S Citizens) for an SSN presently or in the future must apply for one from the Social Security Administration (SSA). If they are assigned an SSN, then the ITIN issued will be revoked and can no longer be used.
  2. Normally ITIN is valid for 5 to 6 years provided the ITIN numbers are used on the 1040NR/1040 tax return filing or any other IRS tax correspondence such as Form 1042S, Form 1099. If ITIN is not used on any of the above listed forms for 3 consecutive years then ITIN will expire and you will have to go through the ITIN renewal process to reactive the number.

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