Persons who are eligible to claim needs to obtain valid ITIN(US Tax ID):

A) Individuals claiming the benefits of a tax treaty who are either exempt or subject to a reduced rate of withholding of tax on their wages, salary, compensation, and honoraria payments, 


B) Who will be submitting Form 8233 to the payer of the income.

Documentation to be submitted by individuals who are eligible to claim Exception.

  1. A letter of employment from the payer of the income, or
  2. A copy of the employment contract, or 
  3. A letter requesting your presence for a speaking engagement, etc.
    along with:
  4. Evidence (information) on Form W-7/W-7(SP) application that the person is entitled to claim the benefits of a tax treaty, and
  5. A copy of the completed Form 8233 must have the applicant and withholding agent information completed.* Individuals present in the U.S. who are receiving honoraria payments, do not have to obtain a letter of denial from the SSA. A letter from the Authorized School Official, stating the purpose of the visit and that the individual will be receiving payment in the form of honoraria will suffice.

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