Types of ITIN NOTICE from IRS 

Notice from the IRS office for your ITIN application, response letter with notice numbers CP565, CP566, or CP567. What do these notice numbers mean?


If you have applied for the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) and after 10 to 12 weeks of wait time, you may receive one of the below-listed notices.

ITIN IRS Notice CP565

If you received a CP565 notice, then it is good news that your ITIN is successfully approved. When you receive this letter, double-check that the name and date of birth details are correct, so any errors in these details will not cause any issues later when you file your 1040NR/1040 US tax return or tax refund claim.

ITIN IRS Notice CP566

The reason you have received this notice is due to an incomplete Form W7 or missing out on any important information required for the ITIN application approval. This notice is issued by the IRS asking for more information or supporting documents before approval of the ITIN from the applicant. Common reasons include requesting a certified passport from a Certified Acceptance Agent [CAA], country of birth reconfirmation, and any other supporting documents.

Note: These notices would have a response form with limited time to respond back to the notice; if you don’t take prompt action, your ITIN application will be rejected.

ITIN IRS Notice CP567

If you received a notice CP567, then it’s not good news from the IRS stating that your ITIN application is rejected and you will need to re-apply,  click here for Reasons for ITIN rejection.

When you receive this notice, the only option is to send in a new application and ensure the application is completed, all supporting documents are correct and passports are certified by appropriate IRS-approved acceptance agents

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