Form W7 – Application Process

Information for completion of the ITIN or Form W7 Application.

  1. Please ensure whether you require an ITIN or not. Only if you receive a US-based income or expect to receive a US income you need to apply for ITIN.
  2. Please note if you are a United States Citizen or Green Card holder with a valid SSN you are not eligible to apply for the ITIN.
  3. To prepare the ITIN application, download the Form W7 PDF and complete one of the sections from boxes (a) to (h).
  4. Complete the address section, You cannot have P.O Box addresses
  5. Please ensure the date of birth details are provided in USA Format [MM/DD/YYYY]
  6. If the ITIN application is renewed then you need to provide your previous ITIN number and name as per the previous application.
  7. Complete the University sections – If applicable for students.
  8. If you are not sending your original passport to IRS you can get the ITIN application service via an IRS-approved certified Acceptance Agent CAA. For more on the advantages of using a CAA click here.   

ITIN Form W7 Application: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have received any of the above tax forms with Federal tax withholding and wish to reclaim the taxes or to apply for ITIN to complete Form W8BEN to avoid withholding in the future tax year or require assistance with the ITIN application process for completion of the application, documents check, certification proving identity, foreign status the original passport via IRS Acceptance Agent. We can be of assistance for a reasonable fee. Our fee covers all the work processes listed on this blog.

For more details on the step-by-step ITIN application work process by acceptance agents please check this blog.

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