My CPA/US Accountant prepared the tax return.
Can you provide ITIN only Service?
US tax and ITIN filing Common FAQ questions we get asked all the time.

I have US CPA/US Accountant who prepared 1040/1040NR tax return/Form W7, Can you assist with ITIN only service?

Yes. If you have a US CPA/US Accountant who is assisting with the 1040/1040NR tax return preparation, our team can assist with ITIN paperwork, passport certification, and also post mail the ITIN Form W7 application, along with all US tax return copy to ITIN office. 

You have 2 options: You can either give the 1040/1040NR tax return we can post it with IITN paperwork or we can give the ITIN paperwork with passport certification and your CPA can post it to ITIN Operation office address.

Can you provide only certification of passport service?

No, Unlike notary public service, as IRS approved acceptance agents we have additional roles and responsibilities to ensure all the supporting documentation for ITIN application are correct. As IRS certified acceptance agents, the CAA must satisfy quality standards to retain the license of operation. If any reason if the CAA has a 10% or more error [reject or suspense rate] in filing Form W7, then we risk our license and with just certification role if the ITIN gets rejected for non-compliance of supporting documents placed by ITIN applicants, even if the certification was done by CAA then this rejection goes against our company records and we do not want to risk the license.

Is it mandatory to file Form 1040/1040NR along with ITIN application?

YES, it is mandatory to paper file 1040 tax return for the first time when the ITIN application is in process, as IRS cannot process the refund, credits and all the appropriarte deduction on 1040 tax return without the ITIN number.

If you missed providing the 1040 tax return, then ITIN will be rejected, and also the tax return when mailed separately will not be processed, IRS will allocate a temporary IRSN number and send you to notice stating to provide a valid ITIN application to process your tax returns for refunds, etc.

What if I owe taxes to Federal and State tax authorities?

For 1040 Tax filers – For US citizens with SSN can proceed to make the tax payments using his/her SSN. This is a common scenario for US citizens applying for ITIN for the foreign spouse. 

For 1040NR Tax filers – You need to wait until the ITIN is approved. For state tax return filing and state taxes due – You need to wait until the ITIN is approved. As the ITIN application process, only 1040 Federal tax returns along with the ITIN application will be postal mailed to the ITIN office and not state tax returns. For state tax return you can post mail by the deadline date and later when state tax authorities send in notice requesting for ITIN for the spouse you can reply to this notice. Alternatively file extension to file and submit the state tax return on approval of ITIN later.

Our team specializes in international expatriate U.S. personal tax return service. If you need assistance with ITIN Renewal/US 1040 filing for refund claim/FATCA Compliance work/FBAR FINCEN114 Filing, ITIN/ Form W7 Application/E.I.N./Form W8BENE or Certified Acceptance Agents [C.A.A.] services/1040NR U.S. tax filing for refund claim of excess 1042S / 8288A/ 8805/ W2/ 1099. We are happy to assist our clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.

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